We use high quality PVC and phthalate free plastisol inks to ensure you get a smooth print that will last a long time.  Screen printing with plastisol ink is the most common method of t-shirt printing for  number of reasons.

  • Cost effective and durable solution.
  • The ink lays on top of the fabric allowing the colors to be bold and vibrant through many washes.
  • Custom colors can be easily mixed to any Pantone color.
  • Numerous plastisol additives available.  (soft-hand,  suede, gloss, etc.)
  • Plastisol provides a solid print and glossy finish in most cases.
  • Can achieve printing full color images with CMYK process and simulated process.
fort lauderdale pantone color matching

Plastisol ink matched to Pantone PMS colors

More About Speciality Inks & Additives

We offer a wide variety of specialty inks available for our customers, and we are always looking to experiment with new techniques.

Shimmer: Available in silver and gold, shimmer ink will give the shirts a subtle glittery metallic look that will hold up through many washes unlike foil.

Liquid Silver: Prints silver resembling metal or chrome.

Glow in the dark (Phosphorescent): Add this to a shirt for a hidden designs that only shows up in the dark or just for additional effect.

Softhand/Chino: Add this for a soft feeling print similar to water-based inks. Best on light colored garments.

Puff & High Density: Make a design pop off the shirt with this additive.

Suede: Simulate a puffy and soft suede like feel to any design with this additive.

Clear Gel: Print look shiny and wet with this clear ink or print it over ink for a very shiny effect.  Also used commonly to simulate black on black printing.

Reflective: Light reactive ink that will reflect in the sun or lights like street signs at night.

Photochromic: UV sensitive ink will appear colorless indoors and become visible in sunlight.

Stretch: Used for printing on garments that have spandex or elastic to prevent cracking when stretched.

Nylobond: Additive used to help plastisol adhere to Nylon garments.