About Us



First established in 2007 Pylon Press has grown considerably while always prioritizing quality printing and customer service.  Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves in using top-notch printing equipment paired with the industries best quality inks and a wide selection of apparel blanks to make sure you get the best end product possible.



We know a business is nothing without the customer so we ensure that our customers are always satisfied.  Mostly working with small businesses and clothing brands, we value each and every business relationship we build.  You can always be assured your order will never be put on the back burner or rushed out the door for a larger company.



We are locally owned and operated. There is only one Pylon Press and when you call us you will never be put on hold or deal with an automated machine.  We do all of the artwork and printing in house.  From the artwork, film positives, screen setup, printing, and quality control we will never be waiting on other companies to finish your product.  We pride ourselves on being a part of the South Florida community and working with the businesses and people around us. We also use all US made  printing equipment from Vastex and M&R because we know how important supporting our local, state, and national economy is to our future as a business.



We use only the best inks and use Union and International Coatings for plastisol and Matsui for water based and discharge inks.

For clean up we use environmentally friendly Soy-based Franmar products instead of harsh chemicals.

We do not believe in cutting corners or taking cheap shortcuts at Pylon Press, our motto is “do it once and do it right”.