Types of printing techniques, inks and additives:

Plastisol Ink


The most common t-shirt printing option.  Our high quality plastisol inks will create a bold and crisp print that sits on top of the fabric allowing the colors to be bright and vibrant.  Plastisol ink can be combined with additives such as puff, soft-hand, glow, etc to achieve different printing effects.

Waterbased Ink


Eco-friendly and soft to the touch.  Great for fashion-fit shirts and achieving super-soft and vintage looking prints. Works best on white and light colored shirts.

Discharge Printing


Discharge printing is a process for achieving water-based printing on dark color shirts, similar to the effect of bleaching a garment.  Discharge can be combined with dyes to achieve custom colors although it is not as predictable as plastisol inks.  Discharge results will vary based on color, brand, and style of garment.  Garments must be 100% cotton for the discharge printing.



The best of both worlds, ease of printing plastisol inks while still achieving a soft and vintage print much like water-based inks.  However the more softener and reduced added to the ink, the less opaque the ink will be.

SHimmer metallic INK


Special plastisol ink available in gold and silver shimmer this ink will result in a shiny metallic ink print to stand out from the rest.  Popular choice for streetwear brands, sports teams, and cheer squads.



CMYK printing is done by layering four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) on top of each other to recreate photos and realistic images with only four screens, similar to newspaper and magazines.  Best suited for white and light colored garments.



Full-color process or simulated process is used to create prints that have many of colors using a few hand-selected colors. By blending specific inks together, we can recreate photo realistic images and detailed illustrations that simulate hundreds of colors and shades.  Ideal for black and dark shirts.

Inside Tag / Label Printing


Tag printing adds a professional touch to your t-shirts brand.   We advise using blanks  that have tear-away tags such as Next Level, Bella Canvas, Alstyle and Gildan in which tags can be easily removed for private labeling.

Puff Ink


Puff additive can be added to plastisol inks that will make the print thickness and give your artwork dimension often paired with other non-puff colors.  Puff printing results in a matte looking print similar to look and feel of suede.

Clear Gloss Gel


High-gloss “gel” print can simulate a wet or shiny print without any color.  Gloss printing is subtle and often used for creating a black-on-black style print.

Glow in the dark ink


Prints very light transparent green and glows after being exposed to bright light and black lights.  Optimal results when printed over a white ink base.

PMS Color MAtching


We stock many off-the-shelf ink colors, however if you need a very specific color ink we can match any Pantone color you have selected for your design.

Split Fountain blend


Blend Printing is done by mixing two or more plastisol inks on a screen to create a horizontal color fade.  Colors will blend together and combine with every print resulting in unique blends.  Note this process will not yield consistent gradients, in which simulated process is better suited.

Fine Detail Halftones


To print detailed images we can print halftones,  a series of fine dots which can achieve the look of shading and gradients. We also use RIP (Raster Image Processor) software to get the most detail and finest halftones possible.

Tote bag printing


Tote bags are a great item for promos and giveaways, we can print your logo or design on a variety of cotton and polyester bags.

poster printing


Ideal for gig posters and art posters, we can print on a variety of flatstock paper up to 12.5″x 19″ with acrylic inks.