What are artwork fees?

When it comes to t-shirt printing many customers who provide their own artwork may incur artwork fees. In this post we will explain what kind of artwork needs to be cleaned up and why.

Basically if your logo or design is low resolution 72 DPI (web quality)  it will look fine on a website or email, however to print a clean version of it it should be vector or high resolution (300 dpi)  print quality.  If you provide a logo from a website most likely there will be artwork fees to “clean up” the artwork.  The costs will vary depending on how intricate the artwork is,  text will have to be redone and lines redrawn so everything looks crisp when printed.  We charge $30 per hour for artwork design and clean up, and before we do the work we will quote on how much it will be.  We encourage all of our customers to provide print ready artwork if available to avoid artwork fees, however if you need it we can do the work for you in-house at Pylon Press.

Below is an example of artwork for the city of Oakland Park. The left shows an enlarged version of the artwork that the customer supplied, you can see how jagged and difficult to read it is, on the right side we cleaned it up and converted it into a 1 color design as that is what the job called for.