Providing “print-ready” artwork for t-shirt printing

We understand that every customer is not a graphic designer or a guru in Photoshop and Illustrator, so we often will supply or clean up artwork for t-shirt designs we print for our customers.

Below are a few guidelines for providing artwork for your t-shirt order.

No artwork at all

If you have no artwork at all and you need us to design something for you we can do that. We charge $30 per hour so the costs will largely depend on how difficult the design is. You can see some our previous work in our artwork page. It would be advised to provide a basic sketch or some images from the web to give us an idea of what kind of design you are looking for, and will make for being charged for less time.

Artwork provided by you

If you or your artist can provide print-ready artwork there will be no artwork charges.
Print ready artwork would be either hi-res 300 DPI actual size (.jpg .gif .tiff .psd)  or Vector artwork (.ai .pdf .eps)
On rare occasions we may need to separate colors for simulated printing or clean up the artwork however we will notify you if this is the case.

Using artwork you already have

If you have a design that is only available in low-resolution (such as a .jpg or .gif pulled from your website) it may need to be cleaned up in order to be printed clear and crisp. This will be $30 per hour and depends on how intricate your design or logo is.  If you can provide a high-resolution version you will save yourself these fees.

That covers most artwork scenarios, you can always email us what you have to work with and we will let you know what the best way to print it will be.