T-shirt Print Placements

There are over a dozen different places to print a t-shirt, but here are most common conventional print locations we have seen in the t-shirt printing industry.

left-chest-print Left Chest Print – Standard print for businesses and clothing lines that is more subtle than a large front print.  Often paired with a large back print. [line] [break]

front-print Large Front Print – Standard full front print.[line] [break]

back-printLarge Back Print – Standard back print.[line] [break]

front-corner-printLeft Hip Print – Used as a bottom tag to add small touch to the garment.[line] [break]

inside-tag-printInside Tag Print – Label Print – Gives the shirt a personal and professional touch. Often paired with tear away tags. Tag prints usually include brand name, tagline, website, country of origin, and size.[line] [break]

small-back-print Small Back Print – Yoke Print – Used as a simple print on back for emphasis of company or brand name.[line] [break]

Left Chest Print with Large Back Print – Most common print for businesses. Creates a professional looking shirt with company logo on the front left chest and company information large on the back of the t-shirt.left-breast-print-back-print[line] [break]

Left Sleeve Print – Usually 1 color. Used to further brand name on the shirt or add sponsors.  Does not have to be on left sleeve but that is the most common.left-sleeve-print [line] [break]

Side Seam Print – Must be done on a shirt with no side seam (called tubular shirt) used to break from the standard placements.side-seam-print [break]