Video of the T-shirt printing process

July 31, 2014

We have been putting together a video of the shop and the screen printing process.  Check out how your shirts are made!

Where do I start: Starting a clothing brand

July 22, 2014

We see a lot of clothing brand at Pylon Press, and work with a lot of ‘first-timers’  who want to create a brand from the ground up, and its a lot of work and trial and error.  Below is a few pointers to keep in mind if you are considering starting up a label of your own.

Starting a brand from the ground up

Starting a brand from the ground up

Keep it simple!

For your initial order I highly advise starting with a simple design.  Starting with artwork that is simple (1-2 colors) will keep the price down so your first endeavor is affordable.  As you print more complex designs you will see what your customers want and don’t want and also learn what looks good printed on a t-shirt and what does not.  Often we see people trying to start out printing oversized and full color prints. T-shirts that with artwork that complex will be upwards of $10 per shirt, so it will be difficult to profit when you are just trying to get your brand name out in the public eye.    Remember you don’t have to start with 8 designs right off the bat, it may be smart to test the waters when you are just getting started.

Know your audience

Often brands try to appeal to several different audiences simultaneously but never land in a specific niche.  Artwork should share a certain style, theme,  and imagery and should correlate with past, present, and future designs.  There should be a established and recurring logo to associate with the name brand.  Once you find your audience and your niche you can push forward and keep your customers coming with new designs as you grow.

Be original with your brand

Too often people influences become what they want as a brand.  There already is a “Supreme” and a “Johnny Cupcakes”  so find something that is original to your brand instead of looking like a hodgepodge of your favorite brands.  Those brands sell because they original and established names – and that didn’t happen overnight.  If you are not a designer you may want to find someone to hire for designs who has the style of artwork you are looking for.  Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good.

Custom packaging and mailers

Custom packaging and mailers

Details. Details. Details.

Go the extra mile when you sell your t-shirts, your customers will appreciate it.  Include stickers, keychains, pins, bottle openers,  something free in every order you ship out – everyone likes free stuff!  You are not just selling a garment you are selling your brand, some people have special packaging or hang tags, others include a tag print that breaks from the norm.  People like to see companies go the extra mile and will keep coming.



New shop shirts!

July 19, 2014

Well its officially summertime!  We just printed up a new batch of Pylon Press T-shirts based on our favorite summertime beer, Shiner Ruby Redbird.   Be sure to pick one up!




Full Color Process CMYK printing

July 7, 2014

Very happy with the way these full color process CMYK print t-shirts came out.  Results look best on white garments.  By using a combination of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Key (Black) you can achieve full color printing results on light colored garments.  Full color prints also have a soft hand feel for plastisol.

If you are interested in full color printing give us a call and we would be glad to recommend the best printing method for your t-shirt design.  Please note due to the separations and set up the minimum for full color printing is 100 pieces per design.


full color process cmyk

full color screen printing via cmyk

Gold Shimmer Ink

May 22, 2014

Looking for that look to make your next t-shirt design pop?  Try our Gold shimmer ink.

Shows up opaque on dark colors, and will not tarnish in the wash like a lot of metallic inks and foils.
Also available in Silver.


Creating T-shirt Display Boards

May 7, 2014

We decided to display some of our proudest work of the jobs we’ve printed on the walls of our office. You will find instructions on how to recreate t-shirt display boards for your office, store front, or even your room. Its a very easy and inexpensive and professional looking way to show your product off to your customers and visitors.

Here is what you will need:
-Staple gun (don’t go cheap or else you will be kicking yourself later)
-Quality scissors (again quality tools are going to make this go A LOT smoother)
-Push pins (not tacks)
-A bunch of pre-stretched canvas from your local craft store. I found 14×18 worked for me.

materials needed

Okay so pretty straight forward. Slide the canvas inside the shirt and position it how you want it.
Start stapling from the top (neck hole) 1 staple every 2-3 inches should do it.

Then once the top part is done, pull the bottom tight and staple that area, then do one side, than the other. Once thats that done cut all the area of the shirt around the staples and tighten up any loose ends. It should look like the picture of the back Ive attached.

Now repeat for each t-shirt you want to display.

All thats left is to hang the shirts I used 2 push pins to hang them on so they can easily be taken off the wall to change or examine them. Now just find a good way to measure them from each other so they look aligned (I measured 15″ from my ceiling and gave them a small gap from one another)


Thats it! Good luck and watch your fingers!

Video Teaser

April 24, 2014

Heres a little time-lapse video of us working on the automatic press, just a sample of some footage we are working on for the Pylon Press Video.

Chalkboard Ink

March 20, 2014

Did you know you can print a design with black chalkboard ink?  Write on with chalk and wipes off with water.  Also you can using chalk markers and paint markers for a more permanent mark.  Ask about this or any other our special purposes inks we can print!


Automatic T-shirt Printing

March 8, 2014

Heres a quick video of our new shop and new M&R Diamondback 8/10 Printing Press!


2014: minimums and pricing

February 12, 2014

Recently we have expanded our shop to a larger location in Oakland Park/Fort Lauderdale area and now have an automatic press in addition to our manual printing press.

Every year like most other businesses we re-evaluate our prices and adjust with the changing times. I am happy to announce we are keeping our prices the same, however in order to do this we will be raising our minimum from 30 pieces to 50 pieces per order. Setup and clean up is 60% of the work in screen printing so we want to continue to offer quick turnaround time, quality service, and competitive pricing therefore we decided to increase the minimum to 50. We hope our customers understand this decision, and our customers will see they will get better pricing this way. In addition to that you will start to see lower pricing on large orders and contract printing pricing jobs.

If anyone needs a specifically small order we can always work with them on custom pricing as we value our customers new and old.