Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a shirt cost?

Pricing of shirts varies depending on:
1) Total quantity of shirts being printed (Minimum 30)
2) The brand, color and type of shirt
3) The number of colors in your artwork
4) The number of locations being printed
You can get an idea of our pricing here, however the best thing to do is fill our quote form and we will email you back a custom quote.

What are your minimums?

Our minimum is 30 shirts for most orders. Artwork that requires special separations or ink may be higher
We can do below the minimum if needed, but the shirts will be quite a bit more per shirt due to the preparation, set up, and clean up involved in screen printing. It is not usually costs effective to do less than 30 shirts. For Waterbased and Discharge jobs the minimum is 50 shirts due the screen and ink preparation. For CMYK full color process jobs the minimum is 50 shirts due to an even more elaborate setup and color separation.

What is the standard turn around time for an order?

Usually about 7-10 business days for a standard order once we have all the artwork and deposit. We can do rush orders for an extra charge if needed. Please note. Some jobs may require shipping of certain brands or materials, and therefore may require additional time.

Can you print samples?

Due to the extensive setup process screen printing requires we cannot offer samples because they slow down our production of other jobs. If you'd like to see samples you can see our portfolio or come into our shop and see some of the examples we've printed to get an idea of our work.

Do you keep the screens?

We keep the screens around for a few weeks in the case of having to reprint them quickly. After about 2 weeks we re-claim the screens for other jobs. If you come back to print a previous job after it has been reclaimed setup will be half. $10 per screen instead of $20 as long as the artwork and print colors are the same as before.
Note: We do offer keeping your screens aside for designs that will be printed many time, it will be an additional $20 per screen and you wont have to pay that set up again, ever.

Can I provide my own apparel?

No problem! It will take off about $2.00 per shirt at base pricing. Contact us for a full quote. However we get apparel at wholesale prices so you most likely won't be saving any money. Please note we are not responsible for inconsistencies printing on provided garments since they are not supplied by us.

How do I pay for my order?

We require a 50% deposit on orders over $300, the remaining balance can be paid upon pick up, or before shipping if not local. Jobs under $300 require full payment to start the job. We take cash and credit cards, paypal and checks. Jobs payed via check must be paid in full up front and returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee.

Do we pay tax on our order?

6% Florida state tax will be added to your order unless you have a tax exempt or resale id#.

How do I send my artwork?

You can send us your artwork via email Your artwork should be sent to us scaled to the size you want it printed. It can be either a vectorized format such as an Adobe Illustrator AI or a PDF file or a rasterized format like a JPEG, GIF, or a Photoshop PSD file, please make sure the image is sized to 300 dpi.

How large of a print can you do? What size should I make my artwork?

The standard size print area is 12" inches by 14" Oversized 16" x 19" Jumbo 18" x 21"

What if I dont have any artwork?

Not a problem. We can create something for in-house for you. If you can provide any sketches, examples, or a description of what you want we can create something for you. We charge $30 per house for graphic design and artwork clean up.

How do I receive my order?

We suggest scheduling a time to do pick-up if you are local otherwise, we can ship it to you via UPS ground, added on to the invoice.

How many colors can you print?

We can print up to 8 colors, as well as CMYK process and simulated process printing, which can replicate gradients and full color images using fine half-tones.

How do I specify what colors I want printed?

Pantone numbers are the only accurate way to make sure we get exactly the color you are looking for. If pantone numbers aren't provided, we can only match colors based on what appears on our computer screen, which we have no way of guaranteeing looks the same on our monitors.

Can I mix and match shirt and ink colors ?

Yes, you can mix colors of shirts at no charge as long as the colors of the print stay the same, but be reasonable i.e. do not order 10 different color shirts for a 30 shirt job. You can also change the color of the ink which will costs $15 per ink change on each screen.

What are halftones

Half-tones are regular patterns of tiny shapes (dots, ellipses, squares are common) that taper out to create the appearance of a color fading (Gradient) to white or another color at the edges.

I still have a question...

Well we tried! Email us at [email protected]