Wells Benefit Shirt

Wells Coffee Benefit shirts

April 21, 2020

Printing benefit shirts is a great way to help out small business and their staff, as well as getting customers so show support during these times.  We recently did a batch for one of our favorite local coffee spots.  Using waterbased inks we produced this great print on soft Next Level brand tees.   Coming together as a community to support local is particularly important in the wake of Covid-19.  Let us know if we can help out your business.

Wells Benefit Shirt

Screenprinting on Dry-fit Tees

October 18, 2019

Using Low Bleed inks to prevent dye migration on performance polyester shirts.

Laserwolf Shirts!

February 16, 2018

Just finished up a new batch of shirts for Laser Wolf.  Nice and clean 3-color screen print  on Next Level 3600 shirts, looking good.

Neue Klasse Supply BMW Shirts

March 10, 2017

We were excited to print these two designs for Neue Klasse Supply! Their designs are inspired by the BMW ‘Neue Klasse’ line of sedans and coupes that were built from 1962 to 1977, including the iconic 02 series. The term ‘New Class’ had to do with the 1.5 – 2 liter class of cars which BMW hadn’t produced since the time of World War 2.

Here is a step by step picture of the 6 color print utilizing spot colors and fine halftones to achieve a vibrant and detailed print.


Step by step 6 color t shirt print

Step by step 6 color print.

Be sure to check them out for classic BMW shirts, pins, and other merchandise. The Icons 6-color t-shirt is available in Sky Bue, Yellow, and White. The 02 Outline design is available in Black, Grey, and White t-shirts as well as Grey Crew News as well! You can purchase them using the link below.

Neue Klasse Supply

The Walk of Hearts Shirts

January 16, 2017

Had the privilege of printing these shirts for The Walk of Hearts. Back in June of 2017 Dahrnaz Tigner and Jabari Price walked over 1,300 miles from Florida to the White House in order to raise awareness for childhood obesity. They have more events coming up, which you can learn more about at their website The Walk of Hearts.
From their site:

The Walk of Hearts is a journey of hope intended to show kids that they are never alone as they fight to overcome childhood obesity
by living a healthier life. The biggest problems children struggling with obesity face is feeling that they are alone, and the lack of
proper guidance on how to lose weight. The people encouraging obese children to lose weight tend to instruct instead of properly
demonstrating how to lose weight. We need to do more than just jogging in place, or doing jumping jacks along side the kids. It’s
very likely that in their young minds these simple movements are easier for those who are fit and in shape, causing a disconnect
between the kids needing help and those trying to help them.

To combat this problem, Dahrnaz Tigner and Jabari Price are going to walk 1,300 miles (including stops) from Florida to The
White House. This is a heartfelt endeavor to show kids that there are people who are willing to go to extremes in order to help them
overcome childhood obesity. During this walk, Dahrnaz and Jabari plan to meet and invite several kids and organizations to
participate in “The Mile of Hearts”. During this event the kids will walk a mile with Dahrnaz and Jabari to motivate and encourage
them to get out and exercise. Our intent is to show kids that exercising can actually be fun while at the same time experiencing
a great sense of accomplishment. Losing weight doesn’t always have to feel like tedious work with rigid instructions.

Our goal is to give kids a sense of empowerment and control in their weight loss journeys. We want them to know that through
their own abilities and commitments they can make these healthy lifestyle changes for themselves. We will give them the necessary
tools needed to build a happy, and healthy future.

Shirts for Tattoo shops

May 13, 2015


Radioactive Records Onesie

April 17, 2015

Be sure to pick up a custom printed onesie for your little vinyl collector on Record Store Day.


Pylon Press Video

November 14, 2014

Check out the video Cinemotive put together for us while we printed their t-shirts.

Inside neck: Tag printing

August 12, 2014

One of our services is printing tags on the inside neck of t-shirts.  Its a finishing touch for companies and brands to achieve a polished and professional look that will impress your customers every time they put on their shirt.   Tag printing is the small detail that separates the basic promo shirts from the hi-end clothing brands.

inside neck print

Heres a few pointers and guidelines for tag printing.

  • Size:  2.5″ x 2.5″ inches is an average starting size.  You can a little smaller or larger if needed.
  • Tear-away tags are your friend!  Many brands now offer shirts that have tear-away labels so that we can remove the original tag with no mess and print your custom tag inside.
    Brands that offer tear-away tags:   Next Level, Alstyle, and Tultex.
  • Garments with sewn in labels can be printed and cut out by hand however does not look as seamless.
  • Tag printing is primarily done in single color, so we advise keeping your tag artwork simple.   We can cater to multiple color tags, however it will be considerable more to setup and print.
  • You can print any color for the tag, however gray is the most common choice for good reasons.  Gray tags will be visible on most colored t-shirts so you can print the same tags for t-shirts that are black, white, red, navy… just about any color but gray t-shirts.  Gray also will not show through the back of thin white t-shirts like other colors will.
  • Be aware that some retailers require shirts to have certain information inside the garment (country of origin, washing instructions, and material, etc)
  • Add something personal or funny. –  “Be somebody!”,  “Hand printed with love”,  “You Only Live Once”  add your motto or website,  etc.   Its your tag and your t-shirt go wild.
  • Use a bold legible font.  Using a font with lightweight or script font may be hard to see.
  • If you do not have tag artwork or the means to create it our art department can create something for your brand.
negative tag print

When printing text in the negative space be sure not to use to thin a font.


Prints like this will be forgiving to fine detail in tags.



Download our Tag Template and customize is it to your design.

There are 2 ways to provide tag artwork.

  1. You can include one version with all the sizes you are printing in the file (S  M  L  XL  XXL)  and we will tape off all the sizes except the size we printing
  2. Provide artwork for each size separately.  *This may incur an additional screen charge for tags when printing.
label print

Method 1

method 2- tag printing

Method 2


Discharge Ink Printing

August 7, 2014

Below is a video of the discharge printing process – as the t-shirt passes through the dryer the heat activates the discharge agent and it works like a bleach returning the t-shirt to its natural cotton color. It can also be mixed with pigment dyes to achieve other colors.

After a wash the t-shirt print leaves a vintage looking and feeling print with no hand feel at all as opposed to standard plastisol ink which has a thicker feel.


discharge ink